Interested In Ticketing With 910 Tix?

Why use 910tix.com?

1. It’s all local! You’re keeping more money in ILM and toward taxes and needs of our community when you go with 910tix.com. We have support for you immediately through [email protected].

2. For a limited time, event promoters get $1 for every ticket they sell to use in encore credit—to go toward any print ads, online ads, social media ads, video ads, etc. Credit is applied after the event ends or sells out, whichever comes first. You can use it however you want immediately or build up credit with multiple events for larger ads.

3. We automatically promote 910tix.com events through all our newsletters, social media accounts, encore calendars, and in print. Ads for 910tix.com run in encore weekly to promote what’s coming up chronologically by date, for your event and venue.

4. As a bonus, when you list your events between now and Aug. 14, we will automatically gift you a free 1/4 page to promote that event in encore. If you list multiple events, you’ll get a free 1/4 page for them, too, as long as they’re populated before our official launch date: Aug. 14!

Questions about ticketing with 910tix.com? Email [email protected] or call 910-791-0688 ext 700